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End of Semester Message

Greetings Japan club,

At this weeks meeting we had elections

Lurdes Ruela won Vice President
Brittany Butler won Secretary
and Raquel Ford was Nominated as Assistant Treasurer bvy Giovanni

Immediately following the meeting Japan Club went up for Class II charterment before the SGA

We successfully got the class II charter which is a big step forward. Thank you to the members of UAASO and Rhythm Nation who stood with us in support.

Also a very BIG THANK YOU TO Esmilda Abreu our new advisor for stepping in during our time of need.

Anyway, that concludes this weeks minutes

This was our last meeting of the semester. Thank you all members you made this a great semester and hope to see you in the spring we will send out an email notifing you of our first meeting in January.

Eric Strickland
President of Japan Club
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